The „Gheorghe Dima” National Music Academy came into being in 1919, part of a lively modernizing process involving the whole Romanian education system that was triggered by the exceptionally dynamic post-war reconstruction climate. The Academy’s first rector, Gheorghe Dima, has set high quality standards, acquired during his studies in Germany, to the recently established institution. The European vocation and a cult for quality have been and still are a constant all throughout the history of this institution that has successively borne the name of Conservatorul de muzică şi artă dramatică, Academia de Muzică şi Artă Dramatică (since 1931) and Conservatorul de Muzică „Gheorghe Dima” (since 1950). As from 1990, the institution received its current name: Academia de Muzică „Gheorghe Dima”.

Among the current and former professors we may name foremost personalities in the composition and performance domains, as well as standout Romanian musicologists – among whom two members of the Romanian Academy, the composers Sigismund Toduţă and Cornel Ţăranu. For the first time in Romania, doctoral studies within the musical field and the Musicology Ph. D. title were established at the Conservatory in Cluj in 1971, vividly advocated by Sigismund Toduţă. Therefore, many of the most esteemed musicians in the country have been awarded the Ph. D. title in Cluj.

After the political changes brought about by the events in December 1989, there was an opening of the Romanian academic milieu to significant international relations within frameworks such as the TEMPUS, ERASMUS, LONG LIFE LEARNING, DAAD or FULLBRIGHT programs. The latter gained a whole new dimension after Romania’s adherence to the European Union. The Academy currently has 40 partner universities, al throughout Europe.

Since 1992, when the „Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy Doctor Honoris Causa title was created, it has been accepted by some of the most prominent Romanian and international cultural personalities, such as: Iannis Xenakis, György Kurtág, Krzysztof Penderecki, Yehudi Menuhin, Robert Levin, Christoph Bossert, Pascal Bentoiu, Ştefan Niculescu, David Ohanesian, Ioan Hollender, and many others acclaimed personalities, once again vouching for our Academy’s standing.